Would you like to volunteer for Stephanie Heart?

It would not be impossible to run Stephanie Heart successfully without the hard work of our volunteers. You can get involved with a huge variety of activities, and volunteering is a great way to support Stephanie Heart in making a positive change for women today.

❤ Requirements

Requirements of joining the team include:
    1. Be passionate and enthusiastic about the contribution you will be making to Stephanie Heat
    2. Share the vision and support Stephanie Heart ventures
    3. Be able and willing to commit at least 3 hours a week for Stephanie Heart related work

❤ send in your details

To register your interest in joining team please send in

  • Your CV
  • Any examples of your work/portfolio (if applicable)

 to team@stephanieheart.com

Whats Next…

Once you have emailed through your relevant details a member of the Stephanie Heart team will be in touch



Uniquley You

“My desire is to see this generation of females restored to a profound appreciation and a secure assurance of their own true beauty, uniqueness, potential and worth!”


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