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      1. Zhangjiagang Create Material Co., Ltd.



        Chemical and plastic raw materials:
        Tel: +86-512-5899 8900
        Mobile: +86-139 0624 2701
        Tel: +86-512-5836 1933
        Mobile: +86-137 7322 3741
        Tel: +86-512-5899 8920
        Mobile: +86-189 5113 1920

        Film :
        Tel: +86-512-58361988
        Mobile: +86-13915696888

        Product center

        3D printing supplies(PLA/PETG)

        Product Type  3D printing supplies

        Zhangjiagang Chuangli New Material Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, production and sales of high-quality 3D printer consumables. Our company has an excellent technical R&D team and years' experience of import and export and channel advantages to ensure product quality and price advantages from the source. 


        1. The raw materials are imported with original packaging to prevent secondary materials, recycled materials, defective materials and other raw materials that affect product quality from entering the production process. 
        2. We can produce a variety of 3D printing materials, including PLA (plain, silk)/PETG/TPU, etc. 
        Conventional diameter: 1.75mm 
        3. Factory direct sales, OEM/ODM customization is acceptable. Our company has more than 30 colors and various varieties. According to customer requirements, we can customize materials, diameters (tolerance ranges attached), colors (please send Pantone color numbers), packaging, and weight of single consumables. 
        4. The 3D printing consumables produced by our factory are suitable for FDM models such as Creative 3D, Vertical Cube, Makerbot, RepRap, Cubify, UP and various 3D printing pens. 

        Product category:
        PLA-3D printing consumables-common

        PLA-3D printing supplies -Silk

        PETG-3D printing supplies 


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