07/09/2013 – Stephanie Heart is at Parliament

On Friday 12th July Stephanie Heart will be at parliament discussing Body image & Education. If you are currently or have been a student, a teacher, a youth leader Stephanie would love to hear from you!

12/08/2012 – Stephanie Heart Presents on BBC2

Stephanie Heart was very excited to be part of the BBC Body image season. Presenting the ‘Global Body’ film which was shown yesterday on BBC2 and is now available on the BBC iPlayer for another 5 days!

 16/07/2012 – El Commerical mention Stephanie today!

Argentina press mention Stephanie Heart!

 12/07/2012 -Mi Formosa (Argentia News) mention Stephanie today!

Argentina press mention Stephanie Heart!


 11/07/2012 -Modelmeter in Argentia national news today!!

Argentina press mention Stephanie Heart!


12/02/2011 – Next Stop: Parliament

Stephanie Heart has been invited to a government inquiry on Thursday 8 December, which will be examining the causes and consequences of growing body image anxiety in the UK.






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