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        The first transparent ferromagnetic thin film material came out

        release time:2020-01-07

        Although research on transparent magnetic materials has been widely carried out around the world, this research has for the first time developed transparent ferromagnetic materials at room temperature, which is expected to include electrical, magnetic and optical equipment. Industry brings innovative technological development. Recently, Japanese researchers have developed a transparent ferromagnetic thin film material, which is expected to be used in the development of a new generation of transparent magnetic devices that directly display information such as oil quantity and maps on the windshield of automobiles and airplanes. This new material is called a nano-particle material, which is made of a mixture of nano-scale magnetic metal particles of iron-cobalt alloy and insulating substance aluminum fluoride. Researchers have found that when nano-iron-cobalt alloys are dispersed in aluminum fluoride media, this structure can simultaneously exert both the ferromagnetic properties of iron-cobalt alloys and the light-transmitting properties of aluminum fluoride. Light transmission and strong magnetism. The researchers also found that the transparency of the material can be controlled by a magnetic field, which is also a new type of magneto-optical effect.


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