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        Started the industrialization project of an annual output of 20,000 tons of ultra-thin and high-brightness optical display film materials

        release time:2020-01-07

        HC Plastics News: On May 27, the 20,000-ton-per-year ultra-thin, high-brightness optical display film material industrialization project-"Phoenix Film Capital" officially started construction in Lingang Economic Development Zone, Wucheng District, Mianyang, Sichuan, with a total investment More than 1 billion yuan.     The "Phoenix Film City" ultra-thin and high-brightness optical display film material industrialization project officially started Phoenix membrane     Project start celebration site     According to reports, the project was invested and constructed by Sichuan Longhua Photoelectric Film Company, with a total area of ??over 200 acres and a total construction area of ??over 100,000 square meters. The land for the first phase is more than 60 acres, with a construction area of ??more than 40,000 square meters. By 2020, the output value will exceed 1 billion yuan (including 600 million yuan in added output value and 100 million yuan in added profits and taxes).     Diao Ruimin, general manager of Sichuan Longhua Optoelectronic Thin Film Company, introduced: Among the products produced by this project, the ultra-thin backlight film technology is a full PC optical film and ultra-thin PC light guide film developed by integrating Longhua 4 + 1 core technology Five key technologies for ultra-thin display; ultra-thin display light guide film will use extrusion-hot-roll injection molding process, which will increase the light source utilization rate by about 9% -14% compared with general light guide films; used for home appliance decoration and automotive Non-electroplated film material with high reflective metal simulation texture, scratch resistance and chemical resistance in the interior. It has no metal high gloss dyeing and spray-free, and can completely replace the existing high pollution processes such as electroplating. Flexible curved surface protection sticker: High abrasion resistance, anti-scratch, oil-repellent coating on the surface, effectively anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, and can effectively block and filter ultraviolet rays, smooth and sensitive; antibacterial / anti-mold coating is a special organic / inorganic (nano) compound It has excellent antibacterial properties, can be coated on various substrates, and can be integrated with various optical coatings (anti-reflection AR, anti-glare AG, anti-fingerprint AF) without affecting its optical characteristics, and the antibacterial effect is long-lasting. Phoenix membrane     Hu Anhu, vice chairman of the Mianyang CPPCC, introduced that Mianyang City regards high-tech and strategic emerging industries as the "number one project" in the city's industrial development. As the only science and technology city in the country, Mianyang has its unique advantages in developing the flat panel display industry. The construction of Sichuan Longhua Film's 20,000 tons / year ultra-thin high-brightness optical display film material industrialization project has shown the vitality of innovation in Mianyang, marking a solid step towards high-end development of Mianyang City and even the province's electronic information industry. It is helpful to optimize the industrial layout of Mianyang City, and improve the local supporting capabilities of Sichuan's flat panel display industry.     "After the completion of the project, it will add 1 billion yuan in output value, 100 million yuan in taxes, and employ 600 people, which will serve as a model for the development of the" two new "industries in our district." The industrialization project of an ultra-thin, high-brightness optical display film material with an annual output of 20,000 tons is a key project settled in Tancheng Lingang Economic Development Zone. The optical display film produced by it is a key product of the national strategic emerging industry, which helps to make up for the short board of China's optical film material manufacturing.     It is reported that the project is divided into three phases, of which the first phase includes 5 production lines including polarizer production lines, brightness enhancement film production lines, polarizer precision coating production lines, cholesterol liquid crystal coating brightness enhancement film production lines, and hand-written digital film production lines , The technical level has reached the world advanced. Editor-in-chief: Wang Ning 12


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