s11Reminding girls of their value!


In the face of misguided self-perception; mass produced and heavily depended-upon beauty and clothing items; a severe lack of positive, varied and contemporary role models; degrading aspirations and life goals…Stephanie Heart finds opportunities to remind girls of their value!

It all started in 2009 when Stephanie was having a conversation with a 14 year old who felt she was ugly without  makeup and therefore found it difficult to leave the house without it. That a 14 year old believed she needed to pur­chase a product in order to be beautiful, that beauty was  was something she had to buy not something that she indeed was. This troubled but did not surprise Stephanie. Stephanie Heart embarked upon her first project to address and help combat such issues. Her first photo shoot explored the dark side of  beauty; the second spoke out about the objectification of women in advertisement.

Stephanie presented a programme for BBC2 Global Body Film and brought her one size does not fit all “Model meter” to real women internationally. Her Naturally Critical film was used to form the foundation of a global discussion showcased at the 2011 Endangered Species Summit in New York and London.

Stephanie has since had the opportunity to feature double  academy award winner Emma Thompson in one of her inspirational short films, be the London assistant director for an insightful international documentary, The Illusionist; be on the judging panel for the first government backed Body Confidence Awards & inform policy developments on body image at the Houses of Parliament.  All this work and its impact was recognised by receiving the Rising Star Award at the House of Lords in 2012

Today Stephanie has managed to engage thousands of people, both women and men, through her work- addressing issues around low self-esteem and body image; voicing concerns and inspiring change for females. Stephanie has been providing females of today with insight, encouragement and tips towards healthy lifestyle choices and aspirations since the tender age of 17 and is excited about the prospect of being able to inspire hundreds of thousands!



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